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In the autumn of 2009 biologists from NNI and SWAN in cooperation with others created a Center for Oiled Bird Research under the name NOW-Research Center (NOW-RC).

The establishment of the center is based on extensive knowledge built up over the last 5 years, a process that started under the Rocknes response (winter 2004). The center is located in Bergen and co-located with the offices of SWAN and NNI. The Establishment of NOW-RC is based on conventional academic work. In addition, there was a need for a new organisational model to optimise work related to oiled wildlife and research efforts in Norway.

On this site we will eventually present information on the subject, both from our own Research & Education work and news from abroad. NOW-RC partners will also focus on the development and implementation of courses on oil wildlife and all the opportunities that lie within the field of rehabilitation. Information for industry and government is also in an important part of our field of work.


Shoreline oiled after the Server oil spill in 2007.
Photo: A. Håland

Male Long-tailed Duck. Photo: A. Håland


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