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NOW Research Center

The purpose of NOW - RC is to contribute to new research-based knowledge in the subject of oiled wildlife. The work is so far based on our participation and data collection related to oil spills from the Rocknes (2004), Server (2007) and Full City (2009), as well as work related to oil spill in the river Glomma (winter of 2006).

Our field of activity is numerous, including participation in international Research & Education Programs on development of new techniques and procedures relating to rehabilitation of oil wildlife, studies of damage of oil on wildlife, survival after rehabilitation and development of organisational models for implementing a response after an oil spill incident in the marine environment.

Our main focus will be on vulnerable and endangered species, however all experience shows that it is the common species that are most affected when oil spill occurs and therefore provide the main basis for new research and knowledge about this important topic.

Our work will be both project based but also on our efforts and resources. NOW-RC will collaborate closely with other researchers, both independent scientists and scientists with in research institutions, both nationally and internationally. Work will primarily focus on veterinary and biological issues, which is reflected in the expertise NOW-RC possess.

Results from both our own work and new knowledge from the international research will be presented here on the website of the NOW-RC.

The establishment of NOW-RC is in accordance with signals given by the Norwegian Government in that it is important to assemble new knowledge within this field and to present information in an open forum available to all interested parties.

Eider ducks - often hit by oil spills. Photo:A. Håland

Cormorant. Photo: A. Håland


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