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Participation in training people to work with rehabilitation of oiled birds is one of NOW-RC main objectives. Accidents involving shipping vessels has been increasing along the Norwegian coast in recent years, and new oil spill will undoubtedly pose new threats to our vulnerable marine areas and the birds. Seabirds are always badly affected when an oil spill occurs in the coastal environment and well planned actions are needed. Basic elements in a well planned action are well trained personell which can solve a wide range of tasks, both in the rehabilitation center and out in the field focusing search and collection.

NOW-RC partnes were key resources when the first NOW-Network course was held in Bergen in March 2009, with more than 30 participants, over 2 days.

NOW-RC biologists will aslo play a key role during the next course, held during the weekend 9th -10th of January 2010.

A third course, focusing on search & collection of oiled seabirds, is planned for during spring 2010. More details will be posted later.

Tubing of male Eider Duck. Photo: A. Mollan

A careful washing prosess is of great importance
for sucsessful rehabilitation. Photo: A. Mollan


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